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Cutting Edge Artifical Lift Systems

March 15, 2022
Artificial Lift Systems

Cutting Edge Artifical Lift Systems

March 15, 2022

Watch how jet-pump technology can eliminate many of the hassles of artificial lift using new downhole techniques.

JJ Tech is a U.S. based, artificial lift company that supplies artificial lift systems to the oil and gas industry worldwide. JJ Tech was founded in 2002 to acquire, manufacture, and market the patented  Coleman hydraulic jet pump. This innovative jet pump was developed to produce large volumes of subsurface formation fluids, with inclusions of moderate to high solid content. Its unique patented design allows easy retrieval of the pump from the hole for replacement of the nozzle or mixing tube. Retrieval is accomplished by adjusting the surface valves and reversing the circulation of fluid with the existing surface pump; no wire line or work over rig is required.

Initially JJ Tech pursued a strategy of manufacturing jet pumps as production system components, and then marketing them through a group of distributors and end users. But, in 2005 JJ Tech transitioned to become an artificial lift company.  The firm developed its patented ULTRA-FLOW ™ System, composed of a JJ Tech hydraulic Jet Pump down hole, and a Wanner Engineering diaphragm surface pump.

The renamed JJ Tech Hydraulic Jet Pump and the patented JJ Tech ULTRA-FLOW ™ Oil & Gas Production System offers the oil and gas industry a cutting edge artificial lift solution superior to alternatives when dealing with a range of problematic down hole issues such as:

  • Producing Horizontal and Deviated Wells
  • Faster Frac Flowback
  • Gas Well Dewatering
  • Oil Production
  • Producing sand and other solids


JJ Tech strives to provide highly reliable, technologically advanced, artificial lift production systems with customized solutions, and superior service and after sale on-site support.


We will only propose JJ Tech solutions when we are convinced they will succeed and be cost effective. If JJ Tech cannot offer an optimal solution, we will let you know.

At JJ Tech, we pride ourselves on superior after sale support that earns customer confidence. JJ Tech meets industry safety, and environmental protection standards. We are dedicated to continuously developing, “best in class” artificial lift technology and solutions.